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Why Rather Lather?


I have a Dream and it´s Green.

What is Rather Lather?

Ever wonder what to do with your old soap pieces? Rather Lather is an innovative, eco-friendly, economical and easy way to repurpose soap. Rather Lather Soap Creation Kits include all the tools you’ll need to recycle your old soap pieces and create luxuriously lathering liquid soap for all your cleaning needs. These sustainable tools are easy to use, and will save you time and money with a safe, earth-friendly solution.

About our Products

Rather Lather is committed to using products and tools that are eco-friendly, recyclable and cost efficient. For our packaging, our boxes are printed on recycled paper, and printed with either soy-based or recycled ink. The process containers are also made from recycled paper. The included tools such as the whisk and scraper are disposable, and not for everyday use. However, they are guaranteed to work for the contents of one (1) kit, and can be recycled afterwards. This was an intentional goal of ours, in order to keep prices low and in keeping with our green edict. Each kit comes with these components, and we encourage our customers to reuse or repurpose their existing household products or purchase more sustainable products from our store, if they desire more viable tools.

Our Jingle

Rather Lather is committed to creating products that will become part of your daily routine. Granted, we feel that our name is pretty memorable, however, we’ve also created a jingle that we hope you will also find just as memorable… and catchy. Click here to hear our jingle… and soon you’ll say, “I’d Rather Lather!”


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