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Give our Children a Green Future!

Kids love bubbles, and parents love clean kids! Rather Lather brings both of these ideas together!

Rather Lather Soap Creations Kits not only make soap making for kids easy, it is also a lot of fun! Easy to use, with minimal supervision, our mascot Blubbez invites kids to enjoy using Rather Lather, which includes our amazing kid-blown bubbles too! For parents, not only will your kids have good clean fun, but they will also get squeaky clean in the process!


MEET BLUBBEZ, OUR MASCOT! He needs your help!

Hi kids, I’m Blubbez, and I need your help! I need your help to spread the word about Rather Lather. I need you to tell your parents, your family, friends and your teacher about the cool things that Rather Lather can do!

Why? Because Rather Lather is fun and it’s cool!

It’s fun for you!

It’s economical for your family! Your folks can make liquid hand soap for a fraction of the cost of buying new bottles of soap! Saving money is always a good thing!

It’s easy to use! If you’re 8 years or older, you can do it yourself! If you’re younger, it takes just a little bit of supervision from an adult to make!

It’s eco-friendly! You can help your family and friends become more friendly to the environment with Rather Lather. No longer will they throw away bar soap pieces… repurpose them with Rather Lather!

It’s educational! Not only is Rather Lather easy to use and fun, it is also scientific in the way that it takes bar soap pieces and converts them into liquid hand soap. Show your teachers and I guarantee that they’ll be impressed!

So, you see I need your help. I’d like for you to be one of my Rather Lather Ambassadors. I’ll be sharing more information soon, so please check back often!


P.S. Please check out the video below. It shows you just how cool Rather Lather is for kids!


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