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The Innovators Behind Rather Lather

Rather Lather Soap Creations - our story

Humble Beginnings…

Many people have asked, how did you come up with the idea for Rather Lather? Actually, the origin of Rather Lather Soap Creations came from my grandmother. Grandma Susie, as she was affectionately called, was quite resourceful and resilient. Born in 1908, she lived to be nearly 101 years old, before passing away in August 2009. She and I were extremely close, and she imparted a lot of wisdom, knowledge and creativity to me during her lifetime. One of her most remarkable skills was her ingenuity. She reused, recycled and repurposed household items long before it became known as “going green.” When I asked her how she survived the Great Depression, Grandma Susie’s response was, “What depression? We were already depressed. It was just another day, as I recall.”

Full of Mother Wit and keen insightfulness, Grandma Susie didn’t believe in wasting things. She would take soap scraps or pieces, and store them in an old Mason jar under the bathroom sink. She’d add a little water, and eventually, the soap pieces would soften and partially liquefy. She’d add a little to our bath water, creating a makeshift bubble bath. It didn’t quite have the same bubbly effect or the same pretty packaging as my preferred Mr. Bubbles, but it was better than nothing.

Everything Old is New Again…

I grew up looking at that jar, and was often repulsed by its unsightliness. It just looked icky, and moreover, anyone who saw it always wondered what the heck it was. So, to avoid any explanations or looks of disgust, I slyly moved the jar to the rear corner of the cramped bathroom cabinet, and hoped that my grandmother wouldn’t notice. Thankfully, she eventually forgot about it. And over the years, my memories of that hideous jar filled with globs of multi-colored soap pieces and murky water were also forgotten.

However, the inspiration behind this was never forgotten. One day, while brainstorming new ideas with my business partner, Danielle, we talked about how the world was changing, and how green products and services were the new trend. Having become more eco-conscious myself, I thought about how repurposing things was just about being more conscientious. I glanced over, and saw the picture of my grandmother’s hands, and the thought of her old soap jar suddenly came to mind. At that moment, the idea of Rather Lather was born. Instantly, we started discussing and researching existing methods for recycling soap pieces. The internet was filled with crafty ideas and homespun methods. But nothing like what we envisioned. We were determined to develop a more attractive, fun and inspiring way to reuse these soap pieces so that everyone would find it appealing. And we did. These are the humble beginnings of Rather Lather Soap Creations. And my Grandma Susie would be so proud!

Help Us Make “Going Green the New Black!”

Now comes the real challenge. Getting the word out. To the eco-friendly and those becoming more eco-conscious. And we really appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. Please tell ten friends! We are committed to creating products that will become part of your daily routine. Granted, we feel that our name is pretty memorable, however, we’ve also created a jingle that we hope you will also find just as memorable… and catchy. Click here to hear our jingle… and soon you’ll say, “I’d Rather Lather!”

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