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Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

Although most of us feel that we are using proper hand washing techniques, many diseases continue to spread, due to improper hand washing… That is, for those who bother to wash their hands at all.

Surprisingly, not every one washes… As we learned from our last blog, “To Wash or Not to Wash”

We can all help to stop, or slow the spread of diseases, through simple and effective hand washing. Proper hand washing is the first step in the battle to fight the spread of disease and illness prevention.

The use of Rather Lather Soap Creations will definitely aid in thorough and effective hand washing, to rid our hands of dirt, germs and bacteria eagerly waiting to be passed on.

Stop the spread of germs and use Rather Lather for all your cleansing needs!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has valuable hand washing information on its website. To learn more about “When & How to Wash Your Hands”, check out the CDC link


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