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Soap Solution Refills Lux Lather

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Rather Lather – products

Soap Solution Refills Lux Lather


Purchase three (3) refills of our patented Lux Lather Rather Lather Soap Solution here!

Product Description

Ready to create more luxurious soap refills? All out of solution? Purchase refills of our patented Rather Lather Soap Solution here! Set of three (3) lux lather soap solution refills. Made with the aromatic Rather Lather fresh fragrance, additional scents are coming soon!

Also Available in:

All Natural – Regular or Foaming (3 Refills) – Only $6.99

Anti-Bacterial – Regular or Foaming (3 Refills) – Only $5.99

Lux Lather – Regular or Foaming (3 Refills) – Only $4.99



Additional Information

Weight 2.5 oz

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