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To Wash or Not to Wash… That is The Question, Pt. 1

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Some things you just take for granted… for instance, that most adults will wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Your thoughts also? Guess what? Not so!

In preparing for this blog, I was surfing the Internet the other day, reading up on washing hands and how Rather Lather can make the world a cleaner place. I happened across an article on the UK Daily Mail which stated that an astonishing 62% of the men surveyed admitted that they did not wash their hands after nature calls, and an even more surprising 40% of the women surveyed admitted that they didn’t either.

I was flabbergasted. Is it any wonder that diseases of all types are running rampant?

While it wasn’t stated, I’m assuming that this survey was conducted in Europe. However, it really wouldn’t surprise me if similar statistics weren’t found in the good old USA.

We must do better, people! In most areas, we have the gift of clean, running water, and usually a hand soap product that will assist in keeping your hands clean.

We would prefer it be a Rather Lather Soap Creations Product, but at this juncture, any hand soap will do. The key is to use it!

Help kill germs! Stay healthy! Please wash your hands!

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